Sunday, February 14, 2010

late bday celebration!! ^_~

(really really swamped w/all this tk

really wish i had more than 24 hrs in a day or another ME to help keep up. xD but it's been FUN, this toma take over!! seeing toma so much this month... ah~)

finally today (feb.14. omedetou toma, 14 yrs, again!! oh, it's pass in J time though...)
i am over my cold!!! yess!! maybe helped that i went to the church CNY event yesterday. lol. kidding!


almost 1 yr since i first found out about and went to mitsuwa!!! =0 night of march 2,2009. natskashii~~ i should do something special...LIKE GO TO MITSUWA TO CELEBRATE!! LOL. and maybe i can win a gift certificate too....YEY. (i hope it works for the bookstore too, not just the market!)

feb.10, went to mitsuwa. :D
my heart fluttered when the lady came back with the magazine in a plastic bag...i could tell toma was on the cover....KYAA!! THAT'S IT!! IT'S MINE!! really didn't expect it to come this soon....a little over 1 week....*blush* toma so kakkoii, looking out at me f/that BIG, GLOSSY magazine. really, i was all giddy and girly then.... ~_~ it costs twice as much as the usual magazines, but i'm so glad i got it. ALL THE PICS ARE FULL-PAGE!!! SUGEH!! did. not. expect. that!!! like a BIG photobook of toma, kinda?! ah...

and duet. of course. totally forgot V Day, so they had a cute pink cover w/yuma and the bi shadow guys. sugoi!! kawaii!! and some V Day theme stuff inside too...AND I LOVE ALL THE HOLIDAY DISPLAYS AT MITSUWA. all so pretty!! this time too...V Day stuff was niceeee. ^^

and then went to eat lunch. teriyaki chicken bowl! yummy!! and iced green tea. happy late bday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ~_~ AND OMEDETOU ON 14 YRS W/JOHNNYS, TOMA-KUN!! ^o^ and then off to the market for some snacks. i bought an expensive small bottle of sake, just cuz i love the pink bottle!! tried drinking it maybe if i knew how to drink, it wouldn't taste as bad...but there WAS a hint of something fruity....

some kinda japanese holiday coming up? probably the start of spring on feb.4?? though it's still freezing in japan...but it was pretty, those special decorations....(maybe it's for setsubun, the welcoming of spring by throwing beans at the "monster" thingy)

also went to target and bought knee socks. lol.
i love knee socks. cute!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


hi everyone!!

some toma fans have asked me "can we be friends?"
go to LJ and send me a friend request and i'll add u as a friend. =)
(i don't have facebook and rarely use myspace)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

merry xmas.


MErrY ChrisTmas!
haPPY NEW YeaR!!
2010, kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.


xD and HAPPY FESTIVUS!!! smilie smiliesmilie )

Thursday, August 27, 2009

the mitsuwa NATSU MATSURI!! it was fun!!

i went on both days. (laughs) it was really fun, crowded, loud, pretty...lots more ppl than i expected came dressed up in yukata or other traditional clothes. so pretty and colorful!! the kids look the cutest in them. ^.^ some fun games and funny contests to watch. and lots of yummy food too. UMAIBOU!! they ate a lot of it in @Deep, and now i see why. it's really delicious!! and i got a BLUE HAWAII~ shaved ice, since it's toma's fav. lol. it was just ok, but it was sweeeet. i didn't get a water balloon, dunno if it's got cultural significance or every1 just got one cuz it's pretty? ehh...also, torrance mitsuwa has some pretty areas inside....i love the big, cool food court!! also, next to it is a quiet side street lined with trees. ii ne....i think it's the most fun i've had all summer, really!! ^o^ i wanna go again next year ne~~

Friday, March 20, 2009

welcome to the velvet room...

thanks to aniki 4 sending me this cool video.
i love the music and it's title is so beautiful too~

"a poem of everyone's soul"
(全ての人の魂の詩, Subete-no hito-no dama-no shi)

i want to go to the velvet room sometime...

(my persona is Oberon, the King of Fairies.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

♪ happy birthday to me me~


happy birthday

it's my birthday

hey! today~

i'm very happy ah~and i wish everyone else born today a very amazing day~ yo

(sorry, copying the way toma-kun wrote his dec. 24 message. haha.)